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POLK AUDIO MW6502 6-1/2" WOOFER Fits Monitor Series Models 4 4.5 5Jr 7 Speakers

Polk MW6502 6.5" Woofer For sale is a Polk MW6502 woofer in perfect playing condition and excellent cosmetic condition...diameter is 6.5 inches...one woofer only.This woofer was removed from a working Polk Monitor 4.5 speaker.Fully tested and sounds great.-shipping to continental US only-

Heavy Duty SIMA STEREO SPEAKER SELECTOR BOX Model SSW-4HP Connect up to 2 Pairs

SIMA STEREO SPEAKER SELECTOR SSW-4HPFor sale is a Sima Speaker Selector SSW-4H in perfect working condition and superb cosmetic condition...includes all 6 plug-in screw terminals. 
2 amplifier channel inputss (R+L), 4 speaker outputs (2 pairs) with individual speaker level controls.The SSW-4HP speaker selector lets you add up to four speakers around your house with an individual volume control for each speaker.
The SSW-4HP is designed for use with amplifiers up to 150 watts per channel. The plug-in screw terminals (included)  accept up to 14 gauge wire. Unique circuitry protects your amplifier, receiver and speakers from excessive power/volume overloads. The SSW-4HP supports 2 amplifiers and has individual volume controls for each speaker pair. Plug-in screw terminals make connections secure and easy to install.
SSW-4HP allows you to play speakers individually or in any combination of one to 4 speakers. The sleek, modern design looks sharp and fits easily into a standard stereo rack or entertainment center.-shipping to continental US only-


Cizek Model III Speakers  For sale is a pair of Cizek Model III speakers in perfect playing condition and decent cosmetic condition (cabinets have great integrity; nice sharp corners & tight joints)...grills are absent (believe they were foam and likely deteriorated).New foam surrounds have just been installed on the woofers...these speakers are comprised of all original drivers, crossover, cabinets; no mods.Really nice clean sound.Produced by legendary acoustic engineer, Roy Cizek, founder of Cizek Audio in Andover, MA in 1976, the Model III's are considered one of the few 2-way speakers ever made due to the its unique cross-over with a flat impedance and unique `Q' switch that adjusts the Q factor of the bass frequency.-shipping to continental US only-

Single CROSSOVER FOR RBH MC-6C SPEAKER Fully Tested & 100% Working --ONE ONLY--

Crossover for RBH MC-6C Speaker-one crossover only-For sale is an original crossover for a RBHMC-6C Speaker in perfect playing condition and excellent cosmetic condition...one crossover only.Fully tested and operates perfectly.-shipping to continental US only-

POLK AUDIO DOME TWEETER 76031 Fits Monitor 4 Series 1 & 4.5 Speakers TESTED

Polk 76031 Dome Tweeter  For sale is a Polk 76031 Dome Tweeter in perfect playing condition and excellent cosmetic condition...one tweeter only.This tweeter was removed from a working Polk Monitor 4.5 speaker.Fully tested and sounds great.-shipping to continental US only-

2 Bose Acoustimass Lifestyle Single Cube Redline Speakers - Tested 100% Working

2 Bose Acoustimass Single Cube Redline SpeakersThese speakers have phono jacks...need to use speaker wires w/ phono plugsFor sale are two (2) Bose Acoustimass Lifestyle Single Cube Redline Speakers in perfect playing condition and excellent cosmetic condition (light wear on cabinets...the grills are especially clean).NOTE: you will need to use speaker wires that have phono plugs with these
-shipping to continental US only-

Pair WOOFERS FOR TECHNICS SB-L100 SPEAKER Not Mint but Both Play Fine

Pair Woofers for Technics SB-L100 For sale is a pair of woofers for Technics SB-L100 speaker...they are dirty & have dented dust caps; the cone on one had splits that were glued and it is now fine...both woofers play fine w/ no distortion.Fully tested and sound great.-NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS--shipping to continental US only-

RSL CG 6A SPEAKERS Compression Guide Speaker System ROGERS SOUND LAB

RSL CG 6A Speakers  For sale is a pair of RSL CG 6A Speakers in perfect playing condition and excellent cosmetic condition (see photos; slight staining on one side at edges). -shipping to continental US only-

JBL DECADE 16 SPEAKER CABINETS w/ CROSSOVERS Crossovers Tested & 100% Working

JBL Decade 16 Cabinets & Crossover -cabinets w/ crossovers only-For sale is a pair of JBL Decade 16 Speaker Cabinets w/ Crossovers...the crossovers are all original and have been tested 100 working.The cabinets have excellent structural integrity but they could be refinished (stains, chips, duct tape residue, missing terminal pushbuttons...great candidates for reveneering).Included are approx. (6) woofer bolts and (7) T-nuts...there are no tweeter mounting screws.
-shipping to continental US only-


Crossovers & Terminals for Technics SB-L100 -crossovers w/ terminal cups only- For sale a pair of Technics SB-L100 Crossovers w/ Terminal Cups (inc. foam gaskets) in working condition and good cosmetic condition (terminal cups have scratches and posts are missing the locking nuts).Mounting screws are included for both the crossovers and terminals.
-shipping to continental US only-


Grills for Technics SB-L100 -grills only- For sale a pair of grills for Technics SB-L100 speakers in decent cosmetic condition (frames have been glued back together, slight bow in side pieces, small holes in cloth).The plywood comprising these grill frames had delaminated and this particular pair had a broken bottom rail (a piece of wood was glued-in for added integrity). These frames now have good rigidity...to do a complete glueing would have required removing the grill cloth.
-shipping to continental US only-

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